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Many Investors have chosen Omaha and the surrounding areas for their investment properties portfolio. Part of this is because Omaha has, and continues to have, a very strong job market.  Furthermore many businesses, including recently Facebook, are capitalizing on the state’s friendly tax laws and structures. Omaha is also home to remarkably low housing costs. Omaha has consistently been one of the best cities for real estate investing over recent years.

Real Estate Investing Step 1

The most important step when deciding to invest in real estate, is to choose an agent who is also a real estate investor themselves, giving first-hand knowledge from experience.  I personalize my approach based on your individualized needs and goals.  I would not recommend an investment to a client I wouldn’t consider for myself.  Any success I hope to have is directly hinged upon the success of my clients.

Funding your Investment Step 2

After speaking with a Realtor about investment property opportunities, needs and long term goals, the next step is financing.  Your broker or agent should be familiar with qualified financing or banking institutions.  No shoe fits every foot so having the right team for your specific situation is key.  Having a broker with an extensive network is paramount to success.

Step Two Residential or Commercial investments

One of the major questions that many new investors have is whether it’s best to invest in residential or commercial investments.  This entirely depends upon an investors individual goals and comfort level.  For newer investors, the additional responsibilities and stresses of commercial real estate can be a bit overwhelming. Private, single-family property management with an experienced property manager like Red Key Real Estate can be a safe investment that requires little direct involvement from the investor. This all-inclusive process can be as easy as sitting back and waiting for the checks each month!

Professional Property Management  Step 4

Some of the biggest challenges for rental property owners can be property maintenance and tenant relationships.  At Red Key Real Estate that is just a fraction of what we provide.  We offer professional property management services to take the day to day stressful activities away from the investor.   This partnership allows the investor truly passive income while cutting out most of the daily stress and work.   It is our goal to keep your real estate investments profitable and enjoy a mutually beneficial a long-term cooperation.

The Final Step

Whatever your goals may be write them down and take action.  You will be amazed how easy it can be to grow a thriving investment portfolio providing income as well as financial freedom.   Investing in real estate can become addicting.  Watching your new worth increase with little effort can provide immense satisfaction.  I share in the happiness of my client’s as they see their goals being met.  Whether you are a seasoned investor or just testing the waters, lets have coffee or lunch and talk about your goals.   Kevin Schaben 402-630-9957

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Red Key Real Estate Property Management is a member of the Nebraska Real Estate Commission, the Omaha Area Board of Realtors and abides by all fair housing laws and Nebraska landlord tenant laws.

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